Saturday, December 31, 2005

Wit don't come easy.

This is mostly a me-too posting.
I am sure half the blogging world is posting various greetings and good wishes for everyone to have a safe, joyous, and altogether propitious time tonight.

And I wish almost all the world the same.
I'm too late for my friends in Australia and Japan. They've already set off their glorious fireworks. I saw the pyrotechnics on CNN this morning.

I am so sorry to be late with my good wishes.
Happy New Year
In the Southern Hemisphere!

In truth, though, I am blogging today because of superstition.
Almost as powerful as the tradition about making life-changing resolutions at midnight is the idea that the way one spends New Year's Eve/New Year's Day dictates the pattern of ones days for the coming year.

So, I am being rude to everyone today!
Not intentionally, I'm doing a bit of everything in the hope of being more prolific in 2006.

I've written a chapter--quite a sexy one, actually; fixed the weekend Kedgeree for my husband; paid some bills; snail mailed a letter to a home-bound friend who does not have a computer, let alone the internet; done a sudoku--an easy one, I'm pushed for time; extended a subscription at the last minute; downloaded a contest entry form, so next I'll have to fund my Paypal account because that is the only way to pay the entry fee; signed up for another year with Coffee time Romance; line edited someone else's email to me (I did admit, it's not my day for diplomacy!); checked my yahoo groups account and discovered that I am soft bouncing.... or rather my mail is.

Soft bouncing makes me think of myself on a trampoline.

Now it is quarter past one in the afternoon. Past time I was preparing a light and healthy luncheon for my family.

There is, of course, another school of thought. The Jack of All Trades, Master of None one. Perhaps it is better to do one thing, take ones time, and do it well.

Nah! If I were to do that, it would only be propitious for that activity for the rest of 2006.

You can tell I'm decisive today.

Wit Don't Come Easy!
Whoever coined the phrase Quick Wit? When every word of ones romantic comedy has to be the "Right" word, writing can be a slow process, at least for me. Chosing words carefully is probably also a good idea when writing love scenes.... or blogs, or emails.

Here's to starting the year as I mean to go on, and to making a good start.

Happy New Year!

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