Sunday, December 25, 2005

Of drains, Favre, and Kedgeree

Dec 25th:

First of all, I wish to thank everyone who sent me kind messages or e-cards, or who entered a contest, or signed up for my newsletter, or visited my blog. I very much appreciate it.

I hadn't intended to do any creative writing today, but I had a rather good, but weird, dream which I managed to transcribe before the rest of the family woke.

Today being Sunday, I observed our own family tradition, and made kedgeree for breakfast, even though we'd be having a turkey-and-trimmings dinner later. For those who do not know, kedgeree is a bit like a spicy paella without the chicken, the vegetables, and the exoskeletons. It is made of rice, onions, five or six assorted types of fish. It is healthy because of the turmeric, garlic, sardines etc.

Since oysters were going in the oyster stuffing at lunch, I used clams and crab and imitation crab (in additon to the kippers, sardines, prawns, boiled egg). The latter works really well in a yellow kedgeree because of the artifical pink coloring.

After breakfast, unwrapping presents, and telephone calls to family, I felt I had to take advantage of the fact that this may be the warmest day locally for the next week, even though it is Sunday and Christmas.

The snow was melting, so I went to check the drains, and found an unbelievable amount of rotting leaves, which I scooped out. No worms, for once, which was good.

Until yesterday, looking out of our windows was a bit like looking out of a dragon's mouth, with very long, twisted and sometimes dripping icicles as draconian dentition.

The icicles had melted and collected into a four inch deep puddle up against the lower level of the house, so I dug a trench (with a trowel) to encourage the water to drain away from my foundations.

By the time I'd finished, I was late getting down to the real work of Christmas dinner.

The other major activity is a jigsaw of Niagara Falls in the dark, which is much too challenging, but we are doggedly persisting with it, and hoping Brett Favre has a good game today, whatever the final score.

Best wishes! Seasons greetings!

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