Monday, February 27, 2006

Insufficient Mating Material and blog hopping

It's the sequel to FORCED MATE, and my deadline for getting the revised and complete manuscript to my editor is March 10th.

Therefore, I've been somewhat awol on the blogging, apart from popping in at
to post a few out takes. Comments are allowed at that site, and it is a lot of fun.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

MATING NET "won" a cover award

Or so someone wrote on an authors' loop....

The truth is that the MATING NET cover came third,
and I am absolutely thrilled!

MATING NET also came equal fourth in the Preditors
and Editors readers poll, which is fabulous. A friend
emailed me with congratulations on coming eighth.

I couldn't believe my success, and immediately went to
the site to see how many other authors also came eighth.

To my disbelief and joy, I discovered that my friend had
been looking at an out of date tallying site.

I've also started my blog on Amazon Connect, and I am
blogging about manly masturbation and explaining the
trots to aliens on the authors' blog at

Thanks for looking in!
Best wishes,

Rowena Cherry

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Doggerel poem about Mating Net

I put out the challenge.
Now here's the result
(done in desperation by me
with a little help from my friend Jody)

Rowena writes about a race
Of alien Djinn from outer space.

Big, buff and ripped are these guys' bods
They strut around and claim they're gods

They're tall and big, and buff and ripped.
With predator senses, they're well equipped

But Earthling mates with psychic powers
Knock these Princes from their ivory towers

A mind reading wife's no easy thing
For a guy who's sexually inclined to swing

Who catches whom in a Mating Net?
There'll be a happy ending yet.
Rowena Cherry