Tuesday, November 16, 2010

S-3804 Why Authors And Voice Talent Need Help

Senators considering S 3804 should read this. This is a prime example of why authors and voice talent need a change in the law.

As I said before, the books are not "Complimentary". They are stolen. Illegally posted. Posted without permission. 

The club owner admits as much.


The Complimentary Books Site has Changed Location!
Dear Members

It would seem that Google finally took down the 'Books' site (due to terms of service!... which means that some book publishers complained!!). Anyway, after just an hour, the new site is 'live again'

I honestly don't know why they bother!

Please use the following url to find the new site as this will always point to the new Google pages as they are created

"XXXXXX" ">XXXXXX Click Here to Collect Your Complimentary Books!

It's always fun and games trying to get these nice 'goodies' to the membership!!


Club Admin

Why do publishers bother?
Feel free to tell this pirate, my friends. The income that he is making from his piracy is made at great cost to those he preys upon. He is a parasite!

Friday, November 12, 2010

How To Recognize A Pirate

Yahoo, Google, Picassa and others are involved in some fairly blatant piracy. So much for "Don't Be Evil"!

Here... put your deductive powers to the test and see if you can spot the tacit admission that these people understand perfectly well that the books they are telling you (innocent readers) are "free", "freely available" and "complimentary" are in fact pirated in violation of the law and the rights of the authors.

Welcome to The Free Book Club!

If you love free books, then you have come to the right place, you are sure to find something you like with us!

Use the menu on the left to view the book collections' when you find something you like, click on the link and download it.

It's as easy as that!

Please tell your friends about our site, we are sure they will appreciate the thought!

Join our FREE BOOKS club TODAY!

NOTE: Don't miss out!... 'Its the early bird that catches the worm'

Due to complaints by book companies, files get deleted all the time, so join the club using the form below, and you will be notified the minute a new bookmix has been completed!

The BOOK CLUB is indeed free to join, as long as the Yahoo group owner does not recognize your author name, in which case, you are not welcome.

Many of the books are only "free" because someone else stole them. They may have been snagged from a pirate site, they could contain all manner of viruses and trojans and formatting horrors. If you download one of these books, not only are you receiving stolen goods, but you could be getting a lot of nasty stuff you did not expect.


Complimentary means "given free, as a courtesy". 

This should be investigated under the trades description act, IMHO! The owners didn't give the books "free" as a "courtesy". The person giving it free, as a courtesy doesn't own the rights, and is giving something they have no right to give. That's wrong.

Besides, they aren't giving you the books as a courtesy. They are trying to trick you into purchasing downloading services, and also to use your interest as a hook for selling space to advertisers, who are in turn ripping off respectable businesses who have no idea that their advertising budget is being used to fund copyright infringement.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

EFF generally encourages the free reproduction and distribution of its informative mailings, so I
assume that this is the case with this plea for donations.

What I find fascinating is that PayPal is apparently doing a matching donation effort to support this

PayPal profits enormously from copyright infringement, because so many pirates receive accept payments for copyright infringing sales of intellectual property that they have no right to sell (or otherwise monetize) through PayPal.

I've never heard that PayPal attempts to make any sort of restitution to the authors and publishing professionals. This open sponsorship by PayPal of an organization that is campaigning against COICA strikes me as quite significant.

This is a friendly message from the Electronic Frontier Foundation. View it in a web browser.
Electronic Frontier Foundation

Dear Friend of Digital Freedom,

Donate to EFF this week and you can double — or even triple — the value of your contribution! PayPal and Convio will match up to $5,000 in donations to EFF made via PayPal between Tuesday, November 9, and Friday, November 12, 2010.
First, double your donation through PayPal.
  • Go to the (XXXXXXXX redacted).
  • Enter the information and choose PayPal as your payment method.
  • You will be redirected to a PayPal login page to complete the transaction.
  • You're done! PayPal matching is automatic.
Then, triple your donation with employee matching.
  • Ask your human resources department if your employer matches your charitable donations.
  • Fill out the paperwork and forward it to EFF for completion (if necessary).
  • You're done! It's a simple step that maximizes your impact and keeps EFF going strong.
Even current members can make contributions to help put EFF on top! And as an added bonus, the charity that raises the most money and the charity that receives the most donation transactions will each receive $1,000 prizes. But hurry, the contest ends on Friday!
Thanks in advance for your support!

Friday, November 05, 2010

nihilistic_kid: Copyright follies

Fascinating blog piece in defense of an author whose copyright was allegedly (I have to say that) infringed by a magazine.

nihilistic_kid: Copyright follies

The comments are definitely worth reading, too.