Tuesday, November 16, 2010

S-3804 Why Authors And Voice Talent Need Help

Senators considering S 3804 should read this. This is a prime example of why authors and voice talent need a change in the law.

As I said before, the books are not "Complimentary". They are stolen. Illegally posted. Posted without permission. 

The club owner admits as much.


The Complimentary Books Site has Changed Location!
Dear Members

It would seem that Google finally took down the 'Books' site (due to terms of service!... which means that some book publishers complained!!). Anyway, after just an hour, the new site is 'live again'

I honestly don't know why they bother!

Please use the following url to find the new site as this will always point to the new Google pages as they are created

"XXXXXX" ">XXXXXX Click Here to Collect Your Complimentary Books!

It's always fun and games trying to get these nice 'goodies' to the membership!!


Club Admin

Why do publishers bother?
Feel free to tell this pirate, my friends. The income that he is making from his piracy is made at great cost to those he preys upon. He is a parasite!

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