Friday, November 12, 2010

How To Recognize A Pirate

Yahoo, Google, Picassa and others are involved in some fairly blatant piracy. So much for "Don't Be Evil"!

Here... put your deductive powers to the test and see if you can spot the tacit admission that these people understand perfectly well that the books they are telling you (innocent readers) are "free", "freely available" and "complimentary" are in fact pirated in violation of the law and the rights of the authors.

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Many of the books are only "free" because someone else stole them. They may have been snagged from a pirate site, they could contain all manner of viruses and trojans and formatting horrors. If you download one of these books, not only are you receiving stolen goods, but you could be getting a lot of nasty stuff you did not expect.


Complimentary means "given free, as a courtesy". 

This should be investigated under the trades description act, IMHO! The owners didn't give the books "free" as a "courtesy". The person giving it free, as a courtesy doesn't own the rights, and is giving something they have no right to give. That's wrong.

Besides, they aren't giving you the books as a courtesy. They are trying to trick you into purchasing downloading services, and also to use your interest as a hook for selling space to advertisers, who are in turn ripping off respectable businesses who have no idea that their advertising budget is being used to fund copyright infringement.

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