Saturday, December 17, 2005

Google News link

Has anyone tried clicking the Google News link on the right hand side of my blog?
Has anyone tried it on anyone else's blog?

Is looking at someone else's News-reading preferences only of interest to sinister organizations???

While setting up this blog--and I do apologize for the very self-serving first post-- I clicked the Google link and found myself on a Google News page. Apparently I have the power to rearrange the news to my liking.

Almost immediately, I set about trying to get rid of President George Bush (photo of, on telephone, looking just as happy as a driver on a cellular phone). In case anyone thinks I'm being political, no, I am being very superficial and romantic. You see, I like good looking, bad boy heroes who wear very few clothes in public.

World leaders don't usually meet all of my criteria.

I decided to put in news headlines about e-books, books, best sellers, space etc in my efforts to bump President Bush.

Did I succeed in affecting the most important stories of the day? No. However, I did find plenty to interest me lower down the page.

I came upon several articles about e-books!

To read a novel on a screen is an appalling idea, the author seems to feel, if I have understood him correctly.

He invites readers to comment. As an EPIC member, and author of two e-books, of course, I disagree. If you, dear reader, disagree too, I do hope you will either try this link or go to my Google News page and see if the article is still the most current E-Book news that Google could find.