Friday, December 04, 2009

Sea Change

Sea Change is what we should be talking about. Not Climate Change. Not Global warming.

The problem is the sea, and what we are putting into it. Like.... we're dumping tons of de-icer into the sea. OK, it's dirty, second hand de-icer, but what do we expect de-icer will do to ice?

De-icer comes in several chemical formulas, but it all ends up in our drains, ditches, watersheds, storm drains, runoffs, streams, rivers, estuaries, and the seas and oceans of our world.

Copenhagen should focus on the rivers and coastal settlements of our world. We need to stop putting chemicals, fertilizers, sewage, plastics, metals and other trash into the seas if we are going to save the ice at our poles.

Also, something should be done about the continent of global garbage that's too big to clean up, and that's floating in the middle of our largest, loveliest ocean. Surely, we can contain it... stabilize it.... sink it... stop it growing.

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