Sunday, December 13, 2009

I can't save the world from Climate Change

I tried when I was twenty eight years old. I purchased an acre of Rainforest. Well, I dare say that was about as much of a scam as if --instead-- I'd bought a star and named it after myself!

No doubt, my certificate of ownership of an acre of rainforest wasn't worth diddlysquat even then, and the locals burned down "my plot" long ago.


However, if President Obama's administration is determined to use American taxpayer dollars to save the planet... here's how the might of America might work where my little plot failed.

In Copenhagen, do not give money to people or governments without strings. Buy Rainforest acres from some of them. Buy enough that it can be observed from satellites, every day, from orbit. If it starts to smoke, send in the troops to defend our purchase and our lawful, paid-for property.

Buy Rainforest for a fair price, like America bought Lousiana and California and other parts of the New World. Moreover, if we want to save the climate, let's encourage homeowners in America to plant trees. Let's encourage businesses, townships, cities, states... Where people cannot live, or where they've abandoned their homes and their lots, (Detroit? New Orleans?) plant trees.

Maybe... like we buy bricks with our name on in a wall at the zoo or wherever to honor someone, we could voluntarily (us citizens of the world) sponsor a tree somewhere, or an acre of an icefield, or a living garden in a coral reef.

If we want to donate, let's make it personal. I don't mind sponsoring a tree or a polar bear, no matter what my opinion of the science.

Rowena Cherry

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