Friday, December 04, 2009

If I were Jobs Czarina, I'd save the world

In the British island of Guernsey, it used to be that if the state paid you unemployment benefits, you worked for it. You did what needed to be done, whether it was cleaning the roads or the hedgerows.... whatever you were capable of doing.

Well, President Obama's economy needs Jobs. And they want to save the Environment, and Polar Bears. And, he wants a Healthier America.

Here's what to do.

Pay able bodied men and women who are unemployed to move snow this winter. Use no chemical de-icers on coastal roads or roads in watersheds. Use manpower and woman power. Keep de-icer and salts off our roads, out of our storm sewers, out of our streams and rivers, out of the lakes and seas and oceans.

CMP won't like it. Maybe the unemployed won't like it, but the exercise will be good for them (obviously, those with heart conditions will not shovel snow), and they will be helping to save the planet.  Maybe we should all shovel a little more, and sprinkle a little less.

While we are about it, for those in warmer parts of America, clean the rivers and the beaches. Put the trash where it belongs, where it will not go out to sea and poison the fish, choke the turtles and the whales, and kill the coral reefs.

Now.... that would be a job worth doing.


Kelley Jo said...

Great ideas. I live in PA and we have a respectible sized drive way. We never use de-icer or salt. Shovels for us. It's family fun with hot chocolate aferward.

Susan Kelley said...

Oops! I posted that under my daughter's identity. Didn't know she was using my computer but she wants to save the earth too.

RowenaBCherry said...

Thank you, Susan. More power to your elbows.