Tuesday, June 08, 2010

"Crazy Tuesday" today

Crazy Tuesday is warts-and-all radio. Sometimes, we're totally unrehearsed, and this afternoon, 2pm Eastern until 4pm on Tuesday June 8th is going to be one of those occasions. This is pantser stuff (a publishing industry term for seat-of-the-pants writing). Listen Live by clicking here, and then on "Listen Live". You also have the option to listen "On Demand" at your convenience.

Over the weekend, my enterprising and compassionate colleague Alisha Paige posted a request for donations of autographed novels for an auction to benefit a child who needs surgery for epilepsy to a group of authors known as IWOFA (Infinite Worlds Of Fantasy Authors).

My producer, PIVTR radio station owner, and colleague Lillian Cauldwell has about the biggest heart of anyone I know, so I called her and asked if we could do a special "Crazy Tuesday" show today to help Caleb Warren, his mother Ami Russell, who is Alisha's editor, and the authors who are donating books for the auction.

Ami Russell will discuss what it is like to be an editor today, what it is like to be an editor with an epileptic child, how epilepsy affects lives and what hope modern medicine offers, what she are doing to raise funds for Caleb's surgery, how authors are helping by donating their books, what the donated books are, why Ami chose an auction as a fundraiser, how listeners can participate if they wish to/find out more, what else is being auctioned.... I hope that Ami will be able to share some heartwarming stories.

Authors who have pledged to autograph and mail books for the silent auction on June 16th, and whose book blurbs and possibly excerpts will be read on Crazy Tuesday include:

Lillian Cauldwell: Donating Anna Mae Mysteries, The Golden Treasure

Alisha Paige: Donating The Wooden Nickel

Tina Ferraro: Donating The ABC's Of Kissing Boys

Sky Purington: Donating Destiny's Denial

Diana Cosby: Donating His Captive and also His Woman

Nan D Arnold: Donating Hitting The High Notes

Jacquie Rogers: Donating Down Home Ever Lovin' Mule Blues and also a CD by Justin Saragueta

Michele Hart : Donating Looks Are Deceiving

Ilona McAvoy: Donating Jadead (short story within A Box Of Texas Chocolates)

Vicki Batman: Drive My Car

PS After the show...

I learned a great deal about epilepsy, cortical dysplasia and a lot more besides. For instance, many epileptics prefer one to refer to their "seizure disorder".

If it works, this is the mp3 of the show:


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