Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cellphone Risks And Radiation : Men's Health

Cellphone Risks And Radiation : Men's Health

Too important not to share with my friends, IMHO. A friend on Twitter asked whether texting ought to be all right.
Well, brain surgery apparently costs $200,000 so is the focus of concern currently.

I've no idea if a study has been done of what happens when cellphones are held at waist level or on laps. I should imagine that there might be an effect on the reproductive system.


Frances said...

Hi Rowena. Thanks for puting up the Cell Phone information. My brother has developed an accoustic neuroma from cell phone usage. Since getting a cell phone, I only use it on speaker mode and keep it away from my head. So far, insanity is the only symptom my friends have noticed.

Cassie said...

Hey there.. Recent studies showed that cellular phones inhibit radiation that may affect men's health as well as women's health.. It's just similar to X-Ray and not too frequent usage is required..

Casey said...

With all our technology today, it really sounds like we are an improving country, yes we are. But all the artificial blabla man has created is damaging to both Women's Health and
Men's Health