Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Crazy Tuesday May 4th with EPIC Award Winners

And the EPIC award goes to....

In a "Crazy Tuesday" EPIC Award Winners Special from 1.00 pm until 4pm on Tuesday March 4th, Rowena Cherry showcases EPIC Award winners Brenna Lyons and Dee Lloyd, Len and Luanna Rugh, J. Michael Orenduff, Darrell Bain, and Kayelle Allen.

Our own Rowena Cherry and Crazy Tuesday won the EPIC Award "Friend of ePublishing"

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Lorna & Larry said...

We're very proud of all the EPIC eBook Award winners, especially Len and Lu Rugh. We spent nearly two years editing their book, "Promises Kept," down to publishing length. It is the most inspiring book we've ever read. It certainly deserves all the accolades and awards it has received.