Sunday, March 07, 2010

Friend of ePublishing Award

Thank You, EPIC. Thank you Brenna Lyons for the nomination, and for your eloquent reading of this speech, thank you to all the EPIC authors who have phoned in in the past and will phone in in the future. And thank you, Lillian Cauldwell, station owner and author, without whom CRAZY TUESDAY, the radio show, would not exist.

CRAZY TUESDAY is warts-and-all radio. It's a cross between blogging aloud and a chat over the backyard fence with all the world listening. My guests are authors, unless they are editors or copyright attorneys, or soup-kitchen-running monks.

It's "warts" because it's not always pretty. Things do go wrong. My author guests phone in—or don't! in which case the show sounds like a séance, as I ask "Are you there…?" We've carried on by candlelight during power cuts during a memorable program about e-published authors who are also military veterans, and an erotica author once had to call in --to discuss werewolf sex-- furtively from a church. We try to do a bit of good, share useful information, raise money for charities, and increase awareness of issues facing electronically published authors. Such as poverty, promotion, e-book piracy and file "sharing".

Our most recent CRAZY TUESDAY show was on March 2nd, and can still be heard on . We threw open the Crazy Tuesday airwaves to key members of the yahoo group AUTHORSAGAINSTEBOOKTHEFT to launch a new project called AUTHORS WITHOUT A YACHT to educate readers in a social networking context about what copyright really means for the average citizen, and how e-book sharing affects electronically published authors….and editors… and publishers.

Thank you all very much indeed for your votes, for your support, and for this award. The Friend Of E-Publishing Award is an immense honor, but more than that, the title "EPIC Award winning" will help the radio station, PIVTR, and especially the show CRAZY TUESDAY to do much more in the future for E-Publishing and E-Published authors.

Thank you.


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