Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Never Mind The Excerpt... let's talk about group sex

Today, an excerpt of mine from Insufficient Mating Material is the guest blog on Joy Nash's blog. I believe that one commenter will win a prize (and it is probably my book.)

So! I'm not going to blog about a blog that's kindly flogging a book of mine. However, I took the opportunity to ask a question in the Comments section of Joy's blog and I shall be equally happy to receive answers here or there.

When the genre is shy of erotica, and the label is "Romance" who likes sex with multiple partners, as long as everyone is consenting and their judgment is not impaired?

What makes scenes like this ring true? And if they do ring true, do readers assume that the author is writing from personal experience? (And is this a concern?)

Best wishes... and apologies for recent silence. I've had pneumonia


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