Friday, April 03, 2009

National Humor Month

Celebrate "National Humor Month" with LASR/WC and 30 romantic comedy authors!

WC, for those whose minds are boggling, stands for Whipped Cream, the erotic side of the Long and Short of it review site. I know, I wondered about water closet humor for an instant, too!

Every day a different author will be giving away a prize, which might be a download, or a gift token, or chocolates, or a book. This is a structured scavenger hunt, and those who join in must be sure to write "Scavenger Hunt" in the subject line when they write in with their answer to the question of the day.

Here's the roster of Romantic Comedy authors

4/1 Victoria Blisse

4/2 Christy Tillery French

4/3 Catherine Wade

4/4 Vivi Andrews

4/5 Robin Glasser

4/6 Phyllis Marie Campbell

4/7 B. H. Dark

4/8 Ann Lory

4/9 Sylvia Shults

4/10 Jami Davenport

4/11 Lena Austin

4/12 Robin Kaye

4/13 Linda Wisdom

4/14 Jennifer Johnson

4/15 Judi Fennell

4/16 Patrice Wilton

4/17 Michele Hart

4/18 Jennifer Shirk

4/19 Charlotte Chalmers

4/20 Elizabeth Rose

4/21 Marianne Arkins

4/22 M. K. Trent

4/23 Michelle Moncou

4/24 Kari Thomas

4/25 Bryl Tyne

4/26 Rowena Cherry

4/27 Amber Polo

4/28 TBA
4/29 TBA

4/30 Libby Malin

I will be giving away a box of Godiva chocolates, and I will be asking a question about the Cerne Giant's dimensions. The Cerne Giant features large in my first book FORCED MATE.

Beware.... this excerpt is decorated with a rude photograph.

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