Friday, April 17, 2009

Clicking "scrotum" is a bad idea

Excuse me?

In case anyone is feeling contrary, let me be clear. You cannot, as far as I know, click "scrotum" on my blog, or in anything I've written, and get anywhere. I do not post pictures of such things* and I don't post links to strange places.

However, some joker has posted excerpts of my blog... it might be some kind of Haiku, but I think not... and the "scrotum" is hooked to Linux. As far as I know, LINUX is respectable, but this "linux" site might be dangerous. Anyway, from a quick search of Wikipedia, it seems to me that LINUX is supposed to be free, so why would you pay for it?

I'm not sure what I think of WORDPRESS for allegedly snagging random phrases from my blog and stringing them together to make me look inarticulate. At present, I simply wanted to warn my friends and well-wishers that clicking on "my" blue "scrotum" text link could be a bad idea.

* Unless you count the naked Cerne Giant on and His Mightiness is a hill figure, so all you are going to see is a curved ditch.

What do you all think of this (below)?

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