Sunday, August 17, 2008

Day 2 and 3

If Susan hadn't kindly commented this evening, I'd have forgotten all about my countdown blog!

Yesterday (Saturday) I took another $50-in-postage worth of Advance Reader Copies to the post office. These were to librarians and influential booksellers. Then I emailed some readers' group leaders whose groups meet before August 20th, in case any of their group members might be interested in trying to win a free ARC from the giveaway on

I didn't have the nerve to give the same message to booksellers!

I also wrote about 10 pages of my next book... not to neglect that sort of thing.

Moreover, I set up a profile on, commented on a couple of friends' blogs, contacted some independent reviewers to see if they were willing to review my next book, and did a few other things....such as booking radio appearances, and fulfilling responsibilities on the IWOFA blog.

Today (Sunday), I posted a couple of my most recent reviews of Knight's Fork on the Dorchester Forums, sent out some bookplates, made an executive decision not to blog on a review site that allows free-for-all weekend blogging. It's my day to moderate the FFandP loop, so I participated in a couple of discussions. I was a day late for the IWOFA inaugural chat, but posted my intro, a contest, and notice of the thing.

I also shared a few tips on synopsis writing with a soon-to-be published friend, read a chapter of Eats, Shoots and leaves with my child, swam with my child, cleaned toilets... which has nothing whatsoever to do with my count down, but life intrudes.

I prepared more FAQs, and signed and numbered ARCs, ready to go to the post on Monday. I've now sent out about 90 ARCs to a combination of reviewers, bloggers, librarians and booksellers.

Tomorrow, I intend to visit LibraryThing, which also has an ARC giveaway program, but I also have to supervise a playdate (it's still school holidays).

Good night, everyone.


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