Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My alien wedding dress

Last week I collected my remodeled alien djinn wedding dress. It's the same dress as last year, with $450 worth of renovations!

Good grief! How could it possibly be worth that. I could get married for less!!! I could probably stage an alien royal wedding for that amount.

Actually, I probably couldn't, because I probably couldn't find a cover model that cheap to play the part of the seven-foot tall alien hunk, and if I could... I wouldn't have the budget to dress him.

So what on Earth did I have done?

A better ruff. It looks like I've got a huge, mutant butterfly on the back of my neck.

I've got a bunch of Martha Stewart Christmas decoration flowers (bought at 70% off, right after Christmas) sewn onto it.

My waistline got dropped (lower, not altogether!) and my bust got trimmed (no thanks to the Victoria's Secret rubber bra, which is a not-altogether docile underpinning of the costume).

I've new tulle because the hoop was a liability, and flounces and furbelows and patriotic bunting, and new over sleeves.

And, I'm portraying my most recent Imperial bride, the Princess Martia-Djulia (Marsha-Julia) who is totally frivolous. The only thing I probably won't do to complete the illusion is dye my hair platinum blonde!

Best wishes,
Rowena Cherry

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Jen said...

Sounds gorgeous! Can't wait to see pics of it, and from RT. Those of us who can't go have to live vicariously through those of you who can. :D

The dress sounds quite grand. There's a costume contest, right? I hope you win! I don't have any clothes worth $450 by themselves, let alone worth spending that much on renovating them. I'm pretty sure all my clothes together aren't worth $450, even when they were new! I want clothes worth $450! LOL!

A cover model may not be cheap, but I'd have no worries about cost dressing him for the wedding. I'd put him in a tiny, elegant loincloth (with very glittery and royal embellishments). You can look, ladies, but don't touch! He's all mine!

On the hair thing, you can wear a wig, although that might get hot, or maybe you can get some temporary spray color. In any case, I know you'll look great!