Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Better still, have sex.... and other bits of good advice

Today, after I'd already printed off 70 full color flyers touting the virtues of Insufficient Mating Material (at a probable cost of $35 and the better part of a day that could have been better spent), I realized that I wasn't taking my own advice.

Around noon, I suggested to someone I don't know --hark at me!-- that, if she was going to put out an 8.5 x 11 poster to draw attention to her bookmark holder in promo alley at the Romantic Times convention, a page full of font 12 reviewers' quotes was not the way to go.

Have an eye-catching bit of cover art. Better still, have "Sex" in an excerpt snip, I advised. Have it as big and as bold as you can.

About an hour later --because I'm slow like that-- I looked at what I was printing off for my own purposes, and discovered the metaphorical plank in my own eye.

If I were bigger, and bolder, I'd ask the advice of Brianna or my editor, or someone like that about my own promo materials.

I'd taken a "flyer" with my cover art, the front matter excerpt, a blurb, and some reviewer quotes, and I'd added the best of the signature file quotes that some of you so kindly helped me to whittle down to the most interesting.

Four of them.

To whit:

If you neglected to warn Djetth that you were going to shoot him down...

Do you often have meaningless sex....

"Sweetheart.... I know what you want me to say. Here's the problem: I'd probably be lying."

And the "I like marshes..."

I inserted them according to where I thought I had space. How dumb is that!!!!

So, having slept on it, I split up the "Do you often have meaningless sex" and put that line in bold letters across the top of the page above the cover art (which shows a guy on top of a girl in a From Here To Eternity pose).

I put the "Not recently" underneath.

That's my new front page of my folded flyer.
Maybe, as a conversation starter, I'll ask people which they like better.

I'm not wasting my $35!!!!

What good promo advice have you all given or received.

Do share! I'm giving a talk on this sort of thing at RT, and with your permission, I might quote you.


Thank you for joining in.

Best wishes,
Rowena Cherry

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