Monday, October 04, 2010

Sisters are doing it for themselves... on Tuesday

My Crazy Tuesday radio show tomorrow (first Tues of the month, 2pm Eastern until 4pm) on

"Sisters are doing it for themselves!" Self-publishing, that is. (Brothers, too.)

On Crazy Tuesday at 2:00 pm Eastern, multi-published authors Jacquie Rogers, Amber Scott, Brenna Lyons, Norman Wilson, Kim McDougall, and Gemma Halliday  join Rowena Cherry to explain how to exercise reserved and reverted book rights, especially e-book rights, and get back in the game.

Between us, we'll cover everything from buying an ISBN, to doing a cover, to editing and formatting, to uploading to Smashwords and Kindle and more.

Some of us mean to step on Joe Konrath's coat-tails
Rowena Cherry

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