Monday, September 06, 2010

Compare and Contrast Blog Tours

I am delighted to announce that I shall be hosting guest blogs on September 29th, and another on October 9th

On Sept 29th, this blog welcomes Michelle Picard, author of Surviving Eden, who is participating in a professional blog tour organized and run by my talented friends at (with whom I do quite a lot of business, and whom I heartily recommend).

Michelle Picard's tour began on September 20th, and runs through to October 15th, and you haven't missed out if you don't start at the beginning. There is no requirement that anyone has to be the first to post a comment. Conversations usually continue for the duration of the tour.

Something to know about professionally run (and DIY) tours is that the more that followers comment, the better their chances of winning whatever prize(s) are being offered. 

A disclaimer: with Goddessfish run tours, the tour host with the most comments will win as well.

The October visit is part of a DIY (nothing at all wrong with that) tour by Cherish D'Angelo to promote Lancelot's Lady. This tour begins on September 27th, and runs to October 10th.

While I may not post actively (because I believe that readers and unmotivated followers ought to have the best chances of winning whatever prizes are on offer), you can be sure that I will be following both authors' tours, comparing and contrasting, and learning.

I think you should, too.

Opportunities to observe, in real time, in the field how two different authors go about their blog tours, what kind of reaction and support they get... well, to quote another popular advert... are priceless!

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