Sunday, April 11, 2010

Amber Polo's Why I Write Fantasy series

Amber Polo has lined up a number of my friends for fun, quick and quirky interviews. Maybe you'd like to check them all out?
Why I Write Fantasy interviews -
Past, Present and Future

February 26     Dana Davis, speculative fiction author and ghost buster
March 6           Mary Carrales, erotic romance author writes fantasy to explore wish fulfillment
March 12  Kate Robinson - Studying in mystical Wales , writer of slipstream fantasy
March 21  Kari Thomas, paranormal romance author, writes shifter fantasy because she’s insane (her words, not mine)
March 28  Kelley Heckart - Historical fantasy author, writes of Dark Age Scotland to escape complex modern world
April 4   Arlene Eisenbise, writer whose spirit guide (or muse) told her to write about Atlantis, the Maya, and the Hopi.
April 11 Kris Neri – has added unlikely supernatural characters to her mystery novels
April 18 Skhye Moncrief, research maven, writes time travel and cross-genre fantasy romance
April 25 Renee Wildes writes fantasy, action, romance, heroics and lots of critters
May 2 Gail Dayton writes fantasy, paranormal romance and steampunk
May 9 Brenna Lyons writes milieu-heavy dark fiction in 18 established worlds plus more
May 16 Hywala Lyn Looks at the difference between US and UK fantasy readers
May 23 Heather Kuehl Kick-butt action adventure fantasy
May 30 Rowena Cherry -heroes larger than life in every way
June 6 Pamela K. Kinney & Sapphire Philan – Double identity – Erotic romance, horror and ghostly non-fiction.

And more to come Jane Toombs, Mistress Rae, CK Green, and more...

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