Saturday, January 30, 2010

Harry Potter pdfs Free on EBay (10% of sale to benefit Clinton Bush Haiti appeal)

Does this take the biscuit, or what? If JK Rowling wanted to action electronic versions of the Harry Potter books for charity on EBay, wouldn't she do it herself?

The EBayer writes:

".... All pdf's are free. You are purchasing the service of putting them on a professionally designed disk for your eBook collection-- eBay please note this auction is legal and does not void any copyright laws. All pdfs are freely distributed. I sell the service of putting them on disc for people. "

How does EBay believe this?

How does anyone believe this?

Moreover, does anyone seriously believe that this eBayer will truly divert money, once PayPal has credited most of it to his account, and give to charity?


Carly Carson said...

A thief is thief, I guess. This is not the only scam for Haiti relief, as sad as it is that someone would use that disaster to steal from people.

I don't think ebay believes any of these tales. Joe Schmo has copyright on Rowlings' stuff? But no one in authority calls them on it, so they close their eyes all the way to the bank.

Liz Kreger said...

Talk about cheeky. Some of these people are pretty nervy when it comes to claiming property they're clearly stealing.

And then to do it in the name of charity. Hell is gonna get a couple of new residents sooner or later.

ryan field said...

Hi...thanks for commenting about the pirates. I'll check it out.