Sunday, November 01, 2009

What if readers were offered more multi-author samplers?

It was my idea to put together sample chapters by Linnea Sinclair, Susan Kearney, Rowena Cherry, Susan Grant, Deborah Macgillivray, Jade Lee, Catherine Spangler, Charlee Compo, Nina Bangs, Joy Nash, C.L. Wilson, Robin T Popp, Dawn Thompson, Laurel Bradley, Cindy Spencer Pape and many more.

One reason readers seem to love the file sharing sites is that they can use them (free, of course) to discover whether or not they like the way an unknown author writes. You cannot always tell from a review.

So here are two samplers to do the same function without giving away the entire plot, and with the consent of the authors involved.

It's free, it's convenient, no more point-to-points around the internet "researching" what to try next.,-Fantasy,-and-ParaNormal-Authors-#1

For best results:
Click on the link.
Wait for the yellow loading bar to fill.
Scroll to the far right to "Read Now"
A double page will open (like a book) with the cover on the right.
Use the toolbar on your desktop to Zoom,
Zoom In or Zoom Text only.

Use the start triangle on the webpage to begin reading.,-Fantasy,-and-ParaNormal-Authors-#2

Please feel free to forward, to share, to upload the links, to use the Share This function on the Book Buzzr site as long as you share each sampler in their entirity.

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