Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Do you write with or for Children?

For my author friends....

Danielle Hampson of The Authors Show writes:

We are now booking authors for guest spots on the RADIO version of The Authors Show, for authors in the CHILDREN and CHRISTIAN genres only. We also welcome children authors (with parental permission and supervision during interview).

Interviews are conducted by telephone and broadcast respectively on TheChildrenAuthorsShow.com and TheChristianAuthorsShow.com
Interested?  please reply to this email and include:
  • Book title+ subtitle
  • Book genre& ISBN #
  • Book synopsis(100 words max.) This will appear on the show page when your inteview is featured
  • Year book published
  • Your phone #
  • Your website address - Note to publicists: this must be the author's website 
  • 3-4 preferred interview dates
  • A photo of your book cover, and (optional) your photo - headshot preferred
Reply to this email ONLY if you write in the Children or Christian genre.We will resume interviews in other genres in November.All requested information must be provided with your email.
Interviews are done at no cost to participants, with optional affordable marketing opportunities available for purchase if you wish to maximize your exposure beyond the initial broadcast. The optional program will be emailed to you with the guest selection confirmation.
Danielle Hampson
Executive Producer
With each show, a new author & a new book!

KDResources Inc, PMB196 - 8711 E. Pinnacle Peak Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85255, USA
My own experience with a radio interview was very good indeed. Don MacCauley was a sensational interviewer, Danielle does a splendid job on Twitter and in other places of promoting shows and guests.

Rowena Cherry

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