Saturday, August 22, 2009

Adventures with Acai Berry Supplements

I realized that I'd been suckered the instant the "Guarantee" flashed briefly on the lower left of the screen, just before the page flipped to my receipt... and of course, after I'd left my credit card information.

The back function on the website did not work, of course. So I signed up again under an alphabet soup of characters, and printed the "Guarantee". Then, I called the numbers and cancelled my orders before they shipped.

I don't need guaranteed repeat fulfilment for the guaranteed low price of something in the region of $80 billed automatically every 60 days. I don't believe it is good for a person to take one or two laxatives with lunch and dinner every day ad infinitum.

I also informed my credit card company at once. And, I am keeping on checking every two or three days to be sure that nothing slips through, which it has.

The "free" orders did ship, even though I cancelled, and even though I told a nice woman who telephoned me that I'd cancelled. My credit card was also charged, and wouldn't you believe it, there were also foreign transaction charges.

The website doesn't tell you that this business is run from Kenya! On the UPS packaging, it says it is shipped from a Florida address.... one of the bottles claims to come from a UK address.

Things to be aware of:

These "supplements" have not been evaluated by the FDA. (So says the bottle.)
These "supplements" are NOT (excuse me) to be taken by anyone who is taking any sort of prescription drug. (So says the bottle.)
Listed ingredients include SENNA and GREEN TEA. So much for being a wonder supplement!

If your curiosity is overwhelming, I suggest you use a disposable credit card for internet purchases, or else, one you wouldn't mind cancelling if you had to.

Call your Billing Disputes credit card line often, and be very nice to your best friend in the Billing Disputes department. They can help you... especially if you are able to tell them that you called to cancel your Berry supplement and Bowel Cleanser on a date before the stuff was shipped.

They have extensive experience already with these merchants.


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