Friday, May 01, 2009

Product Placement and the future of Romance

When I was writing Insufficient Mating Material, I spent a lot of time (relatively speaking) hanging out on the FFandP loop. I've very fond memories of that time, because a lot of my friends were there, and we didn't mind discussing Brazilian wax jobs, threading (which is a middle eastern method, like tweezering with string), also personal hygiene concerns when in stranded type situations.

Insufficient Mating Material is probably the most useful book I've written... but that's another story.

Gosh! If this economy gets much worse, maybe we'll all want to save money by washing in lakes and streams, using leaves for toilet paper, and chewing pine twigs to clean our teeth.


So... now I'm thinking of a wrinkly romance. I'm also thinking about product placement, because with piracy the way it is, I think one day we writers will want corporate sponsors!

Therefore, I'd love to brainstorm about skin care products. What works? Why aren't there any for men? Why don't men care? Men do have the occasional chin implant, they do all sorts of things to make their penises look better (even at the expense of functionality) AND... interestingly... vice versa.

But, a lot of guys tell me that they just grow a beard to hide their age spots.

Do you know anyone (manly) who uses Just For Men hair colorant? Have you ever seen a guy prowling the wrinkle cream aisles and apparently interested in something to diminish the appearance of his crows' feet?

Just asking.

Rowena Cherry

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