Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Hero allsorts

What better time than Valentines Day to take a good book to bed?

With that in mind, my Crazy Tuesday show yesterday was intended to focus on heroes. Indeed, an eclectic group of authors did call in to talk about heroes light and dark, and one who was over five hundred magical years old who visibly aged when angry! (But only by about 20 years. His appearance range was 30-50.)

Mark Terence Chapman, science fiction author, brought his hard-bitten, futuristic Humphrey Bogart-like sleuth to the table, complete with email installed in his head.

Brenna Lyons went one better, with a Tyger hero who could hack his enemies minds! Brenna can be quite dark.

Kellyann Zuzulo gave us a glimpse of her genie in the House of Saud. Zubis Rises... to any appropriate occasion. He is a politically savvy djinn.

Emily Bryan was wickedly funny, and shared how a courtesan’s diary led to vexation for a virgin viscount.

Paranormal tween sleuth author, Lillian Cauldwell, teased us with insights into young hero Raoul Garcia, but suggested that his friend Malcolm was the lad most likely to draw cartoons of sex positions… I do that when trying to keep body parts in the right places while crafting a scene!

Sara Taney Humphreys called in with a very sexy hero and a heroine who turns into a wolf at a most disconcerting moment, and you wouldn't believe where she was sitting when she read her steamy excerpt!

What fun!

Rowena Cherry

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