Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Greetings! Today I welcome Emily Bryan to my blog.

Emily has just received an RT Reviewers Choice Nomination for DISTRACTING THE DUCHESS, but today, she’s celebrating the release of VEXING THE VISCOUNT (Coming February 24th!). Emily’s going to chat with us about changes in publishing which may affect writers and readers alike.

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Coming Late to the E-volution!
by Emily Bryan

I've always loved the feel of a book in my hand. The smell, the weight, turning down the corner of the page to mark my place--it's all part of the joy of reading. Before the disastrous events of last October when publishing was hit just as hard as the rest of the economy, I’d have said that ebooks will never replace the tree-killing kind.

But then we had our own little 21st century South Sea Bubble (for those of you who missed that stop on my tour, I blogged about that Georgian financial disaster on my blog). According to industry rumors, more books came back to the publishers in October than went out. Yikes!

So I wasn’t too surprised when I noticed that all my titles were available on Amazon in Kindle format. Now I've discovered that my previous titles, Distracting the Duchess and Pleasuring the Pirate are also available as ebooks. Even my Diana Groe titles can be downloaded electronically.

I can instantly see the charm this holds for my publisher. No returns. A downloaded book is a sold book.

Of course, this raises a whole host of contractual questions. I had my agent check the contracts and this is all legal and above board. In fact, I'll even receive a better rate of royalty on the ebooks after the first 100 sold than I do on my print books. But if my books are available electronically, can they be said never to be out of print and therefore the rights will never revert to me?


So for now, I'll just rejoice that my work is available to a whole new generation of techno-saavy readers. But as usual with technology of any sort, I'm behind the curve. I know there's a big broohaha over which electronic format (Kindle vs just about everything else) is best. And there are several different types of e-readers available. As a condo dweller with limited space and a huge library, I'm beginning to see the charm in ebooks.

Do you read ebooks? Which e-reader do you use? Do you recommend it? Have you had trouble adapting to reading ebooks as opposed to the old-fashioned kind? Is there one with an “itty-bitty book light” built in? (This question is from my DH, who has to put a pillow over his head some nights!) I'd love to have your imput!

Thanks for having me here today, Rowena! I’m delighted to give away a copy of VEXING THE VISCOUNT(sorry—I only have the paper version!) to one lucky commenter, so please do leave a note! And be sure to check back first thing tomorrow to see if YOU are my winner!

Oh! and if your readers want to learn more about my books, Ro, please send them to:

Thanks so much!

Cool video, Emily, and this is a particularly timely blog since our publisher, Dorchester Publishing just announced that they will now be releasing their titles as e-books.


tetewa said...

First of all congrats on the nomination! I don't care much for e-books, I'd rather have the read in my hands. Enjoyed the video.

Nynke said...

Hmm, I wonder how many e-copies of each book you'll sell? I guess over 100 a book should be easy, right?
I've read one or two e-books, but don't have (and don't particularly want to buy) a special reader for them. So I've experimented with reading from my notebook computer in bed - it will stand up if you put it on its side! But this isn't very practical, of course, even if you're alone in a large bed. And I imagine other bed users might object :).

Thanks again for this post! And thanks to your DH and his hat/algorithm for letting me win yesterday :)


penney said...

Hi Emily, I can't read ebooks my eyes are not that good so I stick with the books. I have tried ebooks before but I just don't like them.
I been enjoying your blogs!
All the best

Emily Ryan-Davis said...

Oooh - if Dorchester's going to start putting out e-books, I think I'll start reading Dorchesters again!

I've been trying to go e-books for some time because my husband's comic collection is crowding me out of my house and I don't have the space for more print books. Further, as an ebook author I enjoy supporting my field.

I haven't yet purchased an e-book reader as such. When I decided I wanted a gadget, I did some research and decided to invest in a Palm Z28, which is an inexpensive ($75-80) PDA. I read PDFs, MobiPocket, and other formats with ease (and if I really wanted to I could use it for other purposes).

Leeann Burke said...

I have a Dell ereader and love it. I still read printed books, but I'm finding I like the option of purchasing 3 ebooks for the price of one trade paperback.

I am under contract with a small publisher that has released my book electronically and based on my contract the electronic rights to the book revert back to me at the same time as the print ones.

Now I'll have to go and hunt down your books and ad them to my electronic pile of books to read.

Jane L said...

Hi Emily! Well I tried to fight the wave of modern technology and lost, It started when I started two yrs ago ,going with my husband who travels for work and I found myself in a hotel without a bookstore or any store in miles, so I tried the e-book thing. AMAZING! I can have a new book anywhere, anytime at my leisure. So I do use it now and I would love to get a reader, I just use my computer! Now my kids have me hooked on text messaging and are helping me set up a myspace page!! UGH!! they are relentless!!

Eva S said...

I do read some ebooks now and then, but I don't have a reader, although I might get one some day...For now I prefer print books, I like to have them everywhere around me! And my favorite reading place is in my bed, I love to have a real book with me there!

Congrats, Emily!

WK said...

Humm....congrats on the selling of ebooks as well as print. As for which I prefer, well I prefer Print but I have and do read ebooks. They are great for quick reads. But I only recently got a Dell Axim with Microsoft Reader, and it's alot easier to read ebooks on. But most are saved to my laptop but it gets hot and I have to stop reading. My biggest think with ebooks is that they are hard to have a bookmark. Or at least for me they are. I'm new to them though. But think I will always prefer print. I also love the small, feel, look of a book. And how can you have a signed ebook?
Or have a cover you want to put in a frame?

So while I see the appeal of ebooks, I don't think I'll ever stop buying print books.

Great post!
highlandlovesong at yahoo dot com

EmilyBryan said...

Thanks, Tetewa! I'm thrilled that Distracting the Duchess was nominated. I'd already planned to be at RT in Orlando this April, but now, I have an extra incentive to go--even if it's just to cheer on the winner. I have some stiff competition!

Fortunately, Dorchester will be offering both print and electronic formats for their 2008 releases!

Nynke- You're welcome! I've passed your thanks on to the DH.

I have held the Sony e-reader and it had some nice features. It would be handier for reading in bed than a laptop, but it was kind of spendy.

I'd love to hear from e-reader users--what you like/don't like about your particular model.

blessedheart said...

Hi Emily,
I don't have an e-reader, but I do read ebooks on my computer. I live in a mobile home and have books stacked everywhere,so my husband is relieved to see me reading on the computer! Now I just have to convince him to get me an e-reader!

God Bless,
Rhonda :0)

Barbara Vey said...

I just blogged about eReaders on my Tuesday blog and people were passionate on both sides of the subject. I, personally, don't own a reader, but I'd want one with a backlight (I don't think Kindle and Sony have that).

I'd love the convenience of a reader, but, give me a real book any day of the week. :)

Karen H in NC said...

Hi Emily,

Congratulations on the nomination. Loved that book and the honor is well deserved!

I'm a big fan of book-in-hand rather than e-books. Altho I see the benefit of ebooks, I haven't yet and probably won't invest in a reader. I do have ebooks stored on my computer and the laptop I use when I travel. Always good to have extra books while traveling in case I finish the 3-4 paperbacks I take with me...I always have something available.

LuAnn said...

I admit I prefer print books. Curling up with a book between my hands and across my tummy is how I unwind at the end of the day just before turning out the light and falling asleep. I do, however, have a wide variety of e-books downloaded to my computer. Some our short and others long. I've read some of them and I did enjoy them. My son keeps telling me I should get a reader or at least transfer them to my laptop so I can take them with me!

Anonymous said...

I have read both--like both. I have the Sony ereader--won it at the 2008 RT. It's the size of a book. I am also a published author--in both formats. Yes, I enjoy a book in my hands, but I see the benefits of being green and other ones too. As for going out of print, I can still fid used out of print books in used bookstores or at yard sales. eBooks go out of print eventually like print books, when the contract is up.

Jane said...

I don't have an ebook reader. I do read ebooks on my computer. I still prefer print books. There's just something great about holding a book in your hands.

Ana said...

Hi, Emily, I am thrilled that your books will be also available eletronically. I think that's a great way to sell books. And you will even get extra cash for that, that's so cool. The more the merrier:) Have a blast with the sellings of your books (that I hopefully think will triplify now;)
And keep up the good work.

Virginia said...

I don't like e-books, I guess I just don't like change. I like the feel of that paper book in my hand. I don't have an e-book reader and I am not going to set at the computer and read a book I like my recliner for that. Maybe some day I will have to change but as long as I can get that paper book that will be the way I will read.

Lara Lee said...

I have a few ebooks on my computer but they don't measure up to the paper copy. I love to read in bed. Things might be different if I had a Kindle. I've heard that they read almost like a paper book but they are way too expensive right now. I'll wait and see.

Congrats on the nomination!

Anna said...

Congratulations on the nomination indeed! It's well deserved.

Very timely topic on e-books, and I don't say this only because ::cough cough:: I have an e-release coming out in March. (Orphans in the Storm, a historical romance from Awe-Struck E-books, if I can put in a blatant promo here.)This one will make four, count 'em, four e-books to my name, so I'm going to say e-books are a good thing. I see them as an addition to instead of a replacement of print books, and I love both forms.

No dedicated e-reader for me at present, but it's on the wish list after we replace my laptop that went to the great service center in the sky. The thought of being able to tote around an entire library in one device (provided I don't break it)is too tempting not to try. At the moment, I read e-books on the computer.

I do aspire to print publication; I'd like my books to be availiable in as many formats as possible, same as most other writers

Magdalena Ball said...

For fiction, I find that I'm better able to get into that all important fictive dream with a book (rather than a PC/reader) in my hands, but I suspect that it's simply habit rather than any aesthetic issues. I've got the perfect ebook reader (a netbook, so any book, .pdf or otherwise, works well) which also is ideal for writing on, talking on Skype, recording interviews (great for research, or verbal 'writing'), and you can download on the go (it was under $300 too!). I find it's fine for reading nonfiction on, and the backlight/search features/bookmarking and the ability to annotate makes it a very practical tool. My bulging, triple stacked bookshelves are near their limit, so I can see me using this more and more frequently into the future, as the economy bites, multimedia takes hold, and people become used to pulling out a small PC on a train. Best wishes with the nominiation! Maggie

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading the comments. I don't like to read eBooks because I like to have a book in my hands.
A good video.
I enjoy reading Emily's books

Babyblue22 said...

I will always love a book in the hand over e-books because it's easier and more personal to curl up with an actual book thento do the same with your computer.
But I find latley that i'm buying more e-books because it saves me from having to store the books after i read them and from having to search for the books when i want to re-read them. , If i really like a book i read them again so having it on my computer saves me time and space.
I buy from and really like fictionwise.com and i have never had any problems with them or their site.
I still buy actual books when i feel like it but the majority of my purchases are now e-books.

lindseye said...

Hi Emily, I bought the Sony ereader about a year ago after looking at the different readers. Based on cost I rejected Kindle and only being able to buy their format. I like the Sony size and weight and where the keys are. Downloading may take longer than with Kindle but it is simple and deleting and finding books is fairly easy. Sony put out a new version which is touch sensitive.

As for ebooks I now find it faster to go to the sites at 2 am and find stories to read and the cost is about the same. Many of the authors I follow only do ebooks and print comes out later if at all. Also I can go someplace with 100 plus stories and not get bored and it is more private to read. No need to carry a bookmark or hold the book. I still buy print and will re-buy stories released in print for now. Have a great day.

Celia Yeary said...

Hey, Emily!!! I was interested to hear that Dorchester will be offering their prints also in eFormat. This whole business is fascinating--eBooks vs. print only! Who will win? The print only believers--most of the people I know--don't understand or want to believe that many books will be on a "reader". I don't believe for a second that print books will go away--even I, an Epubbed author, still want a paper book in my hands. However, I'm looking at the eReaders and one day, yes, I will plunk down the cash and buy one.But--I will still look at Half-Price books, and Borders and wherever to find a good paperback to drag with me. Dorchester is on my short list to "move up." If I don't though, I'll still be happy where I am with The Wild Rose Press.When I go to Wal-Mart, I always see your books, and I stand there, wishing someone I knew came along, and I could say--I "know" this author." Celia

EmilyBryan said...

Wow! Great comments everyone. I'm learning so much today. It seems we all love the intimate tactile experience we have with our print books, but seem willing to consider ebooks for a number of reasons.

I had always suspected certain sub-genres would fare better as ebooks--notably erotica and paranormal. Am I wrong about that? Will historical romance readers cuddle up with an ereader eventually too?

As long as it has a backlight, I might be able to talk my DH into one. My birthday's just around the corner.

Julie Robinson said...

Hi Emily. I'm hoping for an eReader for my bday in June because I cannot read a book on the computer. It hurts my eyes after a while. Anyways, I'd MUCH prefer the texture and feel of a real book in my hands. After all, I could get high on the smell of a bookstore when you first walk in. That feeling of anticipation and excitement just does not happen upon entering a high tech store where things are sterile.
p.s. Thanks Rowena!

Julie Robinson said...

Think about the backlight first. Is it because you want to read in bed while your dh sleeps so you don't disturb him? Because that backlight is going to be like a computer light. But if you want the backlight, make sure to get the 700, not the 505.

No, I cannot imagine snuggling up with my future eReader in bed. I'd be afraid I'd break it. It'd be great for traveling purposes though, and for that you would probably want one with a backlight.


Sue A. said...

Big congrats on the nom! I prefer print books but I'm getting more accepting of e-books. I view them on my laptop so at night you don't needs a reading light.

Julie Robinson said...

That's weird. I still don't see my comments which I posted about 2 hours ago. Granted, the times may be different, as I had to post when I got back this evening, but I would have thought they'd be there by now.

robynl said...

I have a Palm e-reader but prefer print books so far. Dh loves the Palm.
congrats on the nomination.

donnas said...

Congrats and great post. I have only read a couple of e-books, I dont have a portable reader so have to read them on the computer. But I like an actual book, that goes on an actual bookcase. If I ever get the chance I will try a reader, I am sure that will make traveling at least a little lighter and maybe then my mind will change but for now at least I greatly prefer print books.

Rowena Cherry said...

My apologies for the inconvenience. I went to bed shortly after posting Emily's reply, which shows up at 6.55pm (but that was on Google time) and I'm on Eastern.

Google wouldn't post comments unmoderated, for some reason. I did try to change the settings.

All the best,
Rowena Cherry

EmilyBryan said...

Thanks so much for having me here today, Rowena. This has been an interesting topic and I've learned quite a bit about ebooks. I'll be looking more seriously at getting a reader. My DH is a techno-junkie and loves new gadgets, so I'm sure he'd be able to walk me through using one the five or six hundred times it would take for me to learn.

And my DH has decided to reward the early bird today. TETEWA, you are my daily winner! Please contact me through www.emilybryan.com with your mailing info.

The blog tour rolls on and today I'm at two websites, both owned by Shiela Stewart. At DarkCravings I'll be posting a bit about the Roman Britain side of the story, the ancient love tale that inspired the theft of the treasure Daisy and Lucian are seeking. BookCoverLovers celebrates my beautiful cover art. I just checked and at 8AM EST my posts aren't up yet, but I'm sure they will be soon. Please join me for another chance to win a copy of VEXING THE VISCOUNT . . . in the print version, of course!

Anonymous said...

i find ebooks easyer to read being dyslexic so i tend to buy them more

with print books i have to have a coloured sheet over the page so that the words dont dance

Susan Kelley said...

I think the ebook vs print will go on for a while. The economic downturn boosted the emergence of the ebook industry but it was coming anyway. I like reading ebooks, but I don't have a reader yet. You can buy an inexpensive computer for what some of them cost. I would love to have one. I probably still spend the same amount of money on books, but I would save gas and time shopping.
Still I love being in the brick and mortar bookstore, and I hope they're always around.