Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

My thoughts and best wishes are with all my friends around the world this weekend.

I was brought up in Britain, where we remember war heroes on Remembrance Day, and wear artificial poppies. Last year, I bought a poppy icon on Facebook. However, on Saturday 17th, I put on a book-raiser on Armed Forces Day on my show, and several RomVets joined me.

RomVets are a group of Romance authors who are also veterans of any of the armed services. The most fascinating (to me) discussion was with Cindy Dees who flew corporate-sized jets to take generals around the country, including to the White House.

We all shared Cindy's amusement that a Lieutenant Colonel in the basement of the White House had to read the romance novels that Cindy wrote while she was serving, in order to make sure that she hadn't inadvertently revealed any national secrets!

The weather today seems lovely, and suddenly it is warm after a Spring that has seemed unusually cool. I hope everyone has good weather and stays safe for the cook-outs and swimming, and whatever else you have planned for this holiday weekend.

Best wishes,
Rowena Cherry

Rowena Cherry

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