Sunday, September 10, 2006

Rambling without ranting

Occasionally it happens that even with two months between my newsletters,
I get a last minute hold-up.

Either a cover model's pictures don't forward owing to yahoo or
aol or some other ISPs concerns about hunk sharing!!!!

Or, my webmaster is travelling and I didn't know that.

Or, I get the perfect storm of conflicting priorities.
That's what happened since August 26th.

My editor wanted about thirty minor-seeming revisions to
Insufficient Mating Material,
and I guess she thought I could easily do them in three days.

Not me!

The villain wasn't quite nasty enough.
The heroine wasn't insecure about the hero's feelings for her
for long enough (like, even after they've had the most wonderful
sex in the sea).... just by way of example.

Well, for me, a villain can't just crank up the nastiness out of the blue.
Either his nastiness has to be apparent all the way through the book,
or else his nasty habits have to build like storm clouds gathering
throughout the course of the book.

Then, I heard the absolutely marvelous news from Romantic Times
that my proposal for a Research panel workshop has been accepted,
and I had to produce a proposal and a panel in a very short timeframe.
I did, of course.

And my husband (who cannot type) needed help preparing for a meeting.
And, my September-October bi-monthly newsletter was due.

I'm happy to say that, the newsletter is up with a contest, new puzzles,
excerpts from two other authors, an interview with a really versatile cover model.

I hope you enjoy it.

Best wishes,

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Andrew said...

Hey, if it weren't for the last minute, nothing would ever get done! :o)

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