Monday, January 16, 2006

MATING NET author chats with reigning Mr Romance

My January/February newsletter is "up" at

Features include a lavishly illustrated interview with reigning Mr Romance, Andrei Claude; a love scene excerpt; an informative article on piracy by Eppie-finalist author Brenna Lyons; and an intriguing challenge for poets and limerick lovers.

My "occasional" newsletter comes out every second month, but I'm usually nearer to the ides of any given alternate month than to the first.

That is partly because I procrastinate. Actually, there is a great deal more I could get done if I did not put off doing That Which Must Be Done!

Procrastination includes sudden urges to scrub toilets or refill liquid soap dispensers. I don't know why this happens to authors, but several of my acquaintances report being overcome by the toilet-cleaning phenomenon, usually when they are under a deadline to produce a novel.

You wouldn't think Romance Authors would be so mundane, would you?

My newly released newsletter is basically a self-promotion vehicle, but I try to make it decorative and informative.

I invite you to go and look. The January/February newsletter is "up" at

I also have some new interactive jigsaws (of attractive gentlemanly anatomy) for general, mild enjoyment and fireworks at

Best wishes,

Rowena Cherry
MATING NET--Helispeta wanted to marry well...but not THIS well.
SHORT story
ISBN 0976539713

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