Saturday, December 10, 2011

Politicians (Wyden, Issa) and the Press (CNBC) Protect Piracy

 An hour ago, Barnes and Noble emailed me (I subscribe) to let me know that Patricia Cornwell's latest book is now available for NOOK, presumably as of today, for $14.99. 


Red Mist (Kay
Scarpetta Series #19)

by Patricia Cornwell
$14.99 NOOK Price

 This surprised me, because four days ago, December 6th, one of the most unscrupulous pirates I follow (who is allegedly funded and supported by, by Google, by Yahoo, and by SocialGo, and by corporate advertising) notified me that Red Mist is available free to their VIP subscribers who pay something around $10 for a lifetime of illegal links to ebooks uploaded to

Red Mist
The new Kay Scarpetta novel from the world's #1 bestselling crime writer.
Determined to find out what happened to her former deputy chief, Jack Fielding, murdered six months earlier, Kay Scarpetta travels to the Georgia Prison for Women, where an inmate has information not only on Fielding, but also on a string of grisly killings. The murder of an Atlanta family years ago, a young woman on death row, and the inexplicable deaths of homeless people as far away as California seem unrelated. But Scarpetta discovers connections that compel her to conclude that what she thought ended with Fielding's death and an attempt on her own life is only the beginning of something far more destructive: a terrifying terrain of conspiracy and potential terrorism on an international scale. And she is the only one who can stop it.
The pirate appears to have lifted the publisher's blurb directly from Amazon. They routinely snag the best bits of Amazon reviews, as far as I can tell.
Maybe Penguin knows why there are two covers for the same e-book.

Now, this sort of piracy carried out by a foreign (probably British) pirate, using a foreign site (Filesonic) is, in my opinion, exactly the sort of freetardy that SOPA ought to slow down. The rival plans simply won't work. If an author finds her new release being published and distributed globally as a "freebie" by pirates four days before the official launch day, she might reasonably wish for her DMCA notice to be respected a day or so after sending it.

Waiting up to eighteen months for a take down is going to ruin careers... not to mention the fact that the Issa/Wyden scheme would impose Government fees on the wronged author, and would require her to stop writing and go to Washington to file documents and employ lawyers.

(I have no right to assume anything on behalf of Ms Cornwell or her publisher. My comments are my own opinions based on two emails sent to me, each offering me access to her latest book.)

Google, EFF, and other tech companies that make a great deal of money from monetizing and promoting websites without regard for whether or not the attractions on those sites are being distributed legally. SOPA would presumably encourage companies to be a bit more socially responsible.

Meanwhile, the Press appears to be assisting the tech companies by writing sensational and misleading pieces as if they are news. In my opinion, one can simplify something to such an extent that it is a misrepresentation.

"Hollywood" suggests that only the powerful movie business has a problem with piracy. Not true. E-Book authors are routinely overlooked and omitted from this debate, yet e-book authors might well be more damaged than most copyright owners by rampant internet piracy which shares hundreds of thousands of illegal copies of e-books via computers, social networking sites, smart phones, and torrents.

Pitting a California Hill against a Californian Valley might tend to distance the issue.
Case in point:

Anti-Piracy Bill Battle: Hollywood vs. Silicon Valley  By: Julia Boorstin

Ms Boorstin suggests that the issue at the heart of the debate is "how much companies should be held accountable for policing pirated material to which they might inadvertently link."

In my experience, when she states "inadvertently" Ms Boorstin is bending over backwards to be charitable.  Lord Nelson "inadvertently" didn't see the signals that he did not want to see. Red flags are ignored today. However, the fact is that SOPA doesn't ask tech companies to "monitor" or "police" or "detect". It asks them to enforce their own published Terms Of Service (that qualify them for Safe Harbour) when an infraction is brought to their attention.

In my opinion, they ought to enforce their own rules.

By presenting the copyright debate as Hollywood vs Silicon Valley, Ms Boorstin manages to remove all human interest from the "story". The piece trivializes the importance of copyright to copyright owners, and the effect of copyright infringement to those who are tempted to assume that everything on the internet is free regardless of wording such as "all rights reserved".

The proposed OPEN, (the Online Protection and Enforcement of Digital Trade) Act is worse than what we (authors and small independent actors) have now. It sets up a very expensive process for obtaining a remedy without any guarantee of improved results. There is still no compensation for copyright owners. The abuse continues for longer.  A successful claim would result in a “cease and desist” order from the ITC, a cynical remedy, given that the rogue sites in question have already demonstrated their utter disregard for U.S. law and international norms.

What are Wyden and Issa thinking? Well, there is a video on YouTube to shed light on that. They also shed
light on their true attitude toward Openness and Censorship on the Internet.

Try leaving a comment:

Remember, these Senators are allegedly concerned about "censorship" on the Internet. They oppose the Stop Online Piracy Act because they want to keep the Internet "Open". How "open" is it to delete all dissenting (but civil) comments on a YouTube video?


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

You'd Think EBay Would Smell A Rat

But no...
Do not believe this:

Why doesn't eBay notice this contradictory claim?

EBay obliges would-be sellers to publish lies.... if they are determined to sell ebooks.
Check the contents listed below. You can see that many of the books are most certainly NOT in the public domain. Therefore, if you were to purchase this item (and I do NOT recommend that you do) you will automatically be
an infringer of copyright if you open any of the illegal files... plus, your identity will be known.

Each of these names in the list represents a folder on a CD sold by

Steven Torver
Avon House, Westminster Road
WS11 4RB
United Kingdom
Phone: 02476467515

This guy, by the way, has had 3 eBay identities, which suggests that eBay is well aware that he is a repeat infringer of copyright, yet, eBay allows him to remain in business.

CD 1
Zane Grey
Yvonne Navarro
Yasutaka Tsutsui
william sakespeare
William Mark Simmons
William Makepeace Thackeray
William Harrison Ainsworth
William Golding
William Gibson
William Blatty
Wiliam Golding
Wilbur Smith
WEB Griffin
Walter Scott
Walter M Miller
Walter John Williams
Victor MacClure
Victor Koman
Vernor Vinge
Various CD
V.C Andrews
Ursula K LeGuin
Trudi Canavan
Tony Daniel
Tom Easton
Tom Clancy
Titania Ladley
Tim LaHaye
Thomas More
Thomas Harris
Theodore Sturgeon
The Way To My Dreams.pdf
The secrets of David Blaine revealed pdf
The Encyclopedia of Card Tricks - eBook.pdf
Terry Pratchett
Terry McGarry
Terry Goodkind
Terry Brooks
Teresa Mead
Susan Sizemore
Sun Tzu
Sue Grafton
Steve Senn
Stephen Lawhead
Stephen Hawking
Stephen Ambrose
Stephanie Burke
Stella & Audra Price
Stefan Gagne
Star Wars
Spider Robinson
Star Trek update
Software Project Management For Dummies; Teresa Luckey, Joseph Phillips (Wiley, 2006).pdf
Software Project Management For Dummies Oct 2006.pdf
Snort for Dummies (2004).pdf
Small Business Marketing for DUMmIES 2nd.pdf
Small Business Financial Management Kit for DUMmIES.pdf
Six Sigma For Dummies-0764567985.pdf
sir arthur conan doyle
Simon R Green
Simon Green
Shiloh Walker
Sherrilyn Kenyon
Sherri L. King
Shelly Laurenston
Service Oriented Architecture for DUMmIES.pdf
Service Oriented Architecture For Dummies Nov 2006.pdf
Secrets To Winning Cash Via Online Poker.pdf
Seasonal Affective Disorder for DUMmIES.pdf
Scotland for DUMmIES 4th.pdf
Scanners for DUMmIES 2nd.pdf
Sarbanes-Oxley for DUMmIES.pdf
Sarah McCarty
Sarah A. Hoyt
Sara Renike
Sandra Brown
San Francisco For Dummies.pdf
Salesforce com For Dummies.pdf
SalesForce com for DUMmIES 2nd.pdf
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Bishop, Michael
Bertel, Erik John
Brotherton, Mike
Baker, Kage
Banks, Iain
Ballantyne, Tony
Braver, Gary
Brad Thor
Brown, Eric
Barton, William
Butcher, Jim
Baker, Scott
Bailey, Dale
Binder, Eando
Burns, Stephen L_
Ballard, J. G_
Ball, Brian
Bruce, Bethke,
Brust, Steven
Banks, Iain M_

These are the C authors

Carpenter, Humphrey
Chase, Robert R_
Chiang, Ted
Clarke, Brian J_
Campbell, Jack
Cole, Everett B_
Cummings, Ray
Cowdrey, Albert E_
Combs, Mike
Collier, John
Cooper, Edmund
Compton, Stoney
Czerneda, Julie
Cornell, Paul
Coppel, Alfred
Cady, Jack
Clarke, Arthur Charles
Carver, Jeffrey A_
Clinton, Jeff
Chandra, C. K_
Carlson, Jeff
Chilson, Rob
Carnell, John
Clough, Brenda W_
Chwedyk, Richard
Chandler, Tony John
Castro, Adam-troy
Corvidae, Elaine
Charnas, Suzy McKee
Clarke, Arthur C. & Lee, Gentry
Clarke, Arthur C_
Clarke, Arthur C. & Ganim, Peter
Coblentz, Stanton A_
Castle, Sarah K_
Cherryh, C. J_
Card, Orson Scott
Chandler, A. Bertram
Chadbourn, Mark
Casil, Amy Sterling

R authors
Reichert, Mickey Zucker
Resnick, Laura
Robinson, Kim Stanley
Rocklynne, Ross
Reeve, Laura E_
Robinson, Spider
Rackham, John
Robinson, Spider Robinson, Jeanne
Roberson, Chris
Roberts, Keith
Rome, David
Robbins, David
Robinson, Frank M_
Rusch, Kristine Kathryn
Rotsler, William
Rudolph, Mark
Reynolds, Alastair
Rucker, Rudy
Resnick, Mike & Robyn, Lezli
Rogers, Bruce Holland
Robertson, R. Garcia y
Rosenblum, Mary
Rich, Harold Thompson
Rickert, M_
Richard Dreyfuss
Resnick, Mike
Riley, David B_
Reed, Robert
Reynolds, Mack

The DVDs include links to pirate sites for bonus reading!

Hidden in the e-book section is a J K Rowling folder.
Rowling, J.K - Harry Potter 3 - Prisoner of Azkaban.pdf
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.pdf
Rowling, J.K - Harry Potter 2 - The Chamber of Secrets.pdf
3 -Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.pdf
Harry Potter 2 Chamber Of Secrets.pdf
Harry Potter 4 Goblet of Fire - J K Rowling.pdf
Rowling, J.K - Harry Potter 1 - Sorcerer's Stone.pdf
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.pdf
Rowling, J.K - Harry Potter 4 - The Goblet of Fire.pdf
Harry Potter 1 Sorcerer's Stone.pdf

There is a James Patterson folder, too.
The Beach House - James Patterson.lrf
The Quickie.pdf
2nd Chance.pdf
Violets Are Blue.pdf
Cross Country.pdf
Thriller_ Stories to Keep You Up All Nig.pdf
Thriller_ Stories to Keep You Up All Nig - James Patterson.lrf
Mary, Mary.pdf
7th Heaven.pdf
The Lake House.pdf
5th Horseman.pdf
The Quickie - James Patterson.lrf
The Lifeguard.pdf
The Jester - James Patterson.lrf
Season Of The Machete - James Patterson.lrf
Kiss The Girls - James Patterson.lrf
Judge & Jury.pdf
4th of July.txt
Sundays at Tiffany's.pdf
Step on a Crack.pdf
The Lake House - James Patterson.lrf
The Jester.pdf
When the Wind Blows - James Patterson.lrf
Maximum Ride 4 - The Final Warning - James Patterson.lrf
2nd Chance - James Patterson.lrf
Maximum Ride 3 - Saving the World and Other Extreme Sport.pdf
Maximum Ride 3 - Saving the World and Ot - James Patterson.lrf
The Big Bad Wolf - James Patterson.lrf
The Dangerous Days of Daniel X - James Patterson.lrf
The Big Bad Wolf.pdf
Double Cross - James Patterson.lrf
Violets Are Blue - James Patterson.lrf
Mary, Mary - James Patterson.lrf
James Patterson - Mastermind.pdf
The Beach House.pdf
Hide and Seek - James Patterson.lrf
Maximum Ride 4 - The Final Warning.pdf
You've been Warned.pdf
When the Wind Blows.pdf
Midnight Club.pdf
Four Blind Mice - James Patterson.lrf
The Dangerous Days of Daniel X.pdf
The Fifth Horseman - James Patterson.lrf
Kiss The Girls.pdf
Hide and Seek.pdf
Patterson, James - Hide and Seek.pdf
Roses Are Red - James Patterson.lrf
Step on a Crack - James Patterson.lrf
Maximum Ride 5 - Max.pdf
Run For Your Life.pdf
See How They Run - James Patterson.lrf
Season Of The Machete.pdf
Cat and Mouse - James Patterson.lrf
Pop Goes The Weasel - James Patterson.lrf
See How They Run.pdf
Honeymoon - James Patterson.lrf
Patterson, James - Honeymoon.pdf
Maximum Ride 2 - School's Out Forever.pdf
Maximum Ride 2 - School's Out Forever - James Patterson.lrf
Maximum Ride 1- The Angel Experiment.pdf
Maximum Ride 1- The Angel Experiment - James Patterson.lrf
1st to Die.pdf
The 6th Target - James Patterson.lrf
Suzannes Diary for Nicholas.pdf
Judge & Jury - James Patterson.lrf
Beach Road - James Patterson.lrf
Roses Are Red.pdf
Cross - James Patterson.lrf
Jack & Jill - James Patterson.lrf
Double Cross.pdf
4th of July - James Patterson.lrf
3rd Degree.pdf
7th Heaven - James Patterson.lrf
Four Blind Mice.pdf
Beach Road.pdf
Cradle and All - James Patterson.lrf
Alex Cross 15  Trial.pdf
Black Friday.pdf
Jack & Jill.pdf
Along Came a Spider.pdf
Cat and Mouse.pdf
London Bridges - James Patterson.lrf
First to Die - James Patterson.lrf
London Bridges.pdf
8th Confession.pdf
Cradle and All.pdf
3rd Degree - James Patterson.lrf
Midnight Club - James Patterson.lrf
Pop Goes The Weasel.pdf
4th of July.pdf
6th Target.pdf
Along Came a Spider - James Patterson.lrf

The Twilight series is included several times.... this is because all these various
collections are sold and resold on eBay, I guess.

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner.pdf
01 - Twilight.pdf
The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner.epub
03 - Eclipse.epub
01 - Twilight.epub
05 - Midnight Sun.epub
03 - Eclipse.pdf
04 - Breaking Dawn.pdf
04 - Breaking Dawn.epub
02 - New Moon.epub
05 - Midnight Sun.pdf
02 - New Moon.pdf

Why on earth do the Publishers not do something about EBay and PayPal?

By the way, there are at least two auctions going on at the moment, and there have been similar auctions for at least the last month.

Look out for Private Auctions, also.
Check the "Feedback" for comments from purchasers.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Rant About Copyright Infringement

Currently, I am battling a site that is registered in France, China, and Russia. It is called and I understand that not only does it post e-books such as mine to entice booklovers to "subscribe" to a "subscription library" of 100,000 e-books (many of which are being advertised and possibly shared "free" without the consent, permission or compensation to the copyright owners) but it also allegedly abuses any credit card information supplied by would-be subscribers. looks legitimate. It turns up in searches on Google and Alexa. It is protected by various privacy-protect "fronts".

Wiredshelf is protected by Twitter. Twitter members may boast freely in tweets that they have added or uploaded copyrighted works, and direct all the world to In response, Twitter insists on DMCAs for the copyright owners, takes two or more days about it, will not remove any link except those identified individually by actual copyright owners.

Moreover, Twitter threatens the very authors it is harming with exposure on Chilling Effects, and with lawsuits if they should dare to overstep the bounds.

EBay is awash with DVDs of e-books burned by amateurs and entrepreneurs who seem to believe that they can claim copyright on anything they can snag from a pirate site. EBay raises unbelievable hurdles to authors. Copyright owners must own specific types of accounts, they must be pre-registered, they must have access to faxes and printers... woe betide any copyright owner who happens to be travelling when she hears that her e-books are being illegally auctioned on eBay!

Copyright-infringing vendors keep their good reputations. EBayers who purchase illegal DVDs are not informed that they do not (as they were led to believe in the auctions) own the copyright to bestselling modern novels that they bought on EBay. Therefore, the same copyright infringing collections are sold over and over again in multiple auctions by increasing numbers of eBayers.

The same happens on other internet sites.

My works have been stolen, shared, sold without my permission, scanned, posted in libraries more times than I can count. My copyright has been directly infringed by SONY, AMAZON and indirectly infringed by Plunder, Astatalk, EBay, wiredshelf....

Congress and the Library of Congress must define what is a RED FLAG, and must oblige OSPs that want "Safe Harbor" to pay attention to and investigate warnings and reports from members of the public.

Something must be done to address the all-too-popular misconception that if an e-book is "freely" available on a pirate site or file sharing site, it must necessarily be "in the public domain". If the author is alive, she probably owns that copyright, in which case, no one else may claim copyright over that work.

Just because Google or Adbrite robots place respectable companies' advertisements on a site (for pay) does not confer necessary respectability on that site. It could still be infringing authors' and artists' and musicians; copyright.

Just because a hosting site has wording it its TOS and TOU that deplore and forbid copyright infringement and ostensibly threaten infringers with banning and loss of access does not mean that those sites follow through. It does not mean that sites like FILESONIC aren't paying a cash bounty  for every unwitting illegal downloader who visits their site and steals a "free" movie, game, or e-book, or for every new subscriber who signs up for a paid premium account so that they can download more "freebies" faster, before the greedy publishers and producers find out that their work is being given away free, and send a take down notice.

At the moment, creators cannot afford to sue pirates, and the pirates know it. They post "Guides" to that effect on EBay. Piracy pays, because pirates (and PayPal and Google and the advertisement aggregators) keep making money until the pirates are caught, and when they are caught, they simply have to change an email address and start again.

Rowena Cherry

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Monday, March 07, 2011

Scott Turow On Random House (reposted w. permission)

Random House, the largest trade book publisher in the U.S., announced last week that it is adopting the agency model for selling e-books. For readers and authors concerned about a diverse literary marketplace, this is welcome news, a chance for online bookselling to avoid the winner-take-all trap. Random House's move gives brick-and-mortar bookstores, many of which are now selling e-books but cannot afford to lose money on those sales, a fighting chance in the new print + digital landscape.
"Book retailers have faced extraordinary challenges in recent years," said Authors Guild President Scott Turow, "a double whammy of recession and a shift to digital books that had cut many stores out. For anyone who loves bookstores, this is the best news out of the publishing industry in a long time. Random House's move may prove to be a lifeline for some bookstores."  
Apple introduced the agency model into bookselling last year when it launched the iPad and the iBookstore. In January 2010, as Steve Jobs was announcing Apple's new device, Amazon controlled an estimated 90% of the U.S. e-book market. The price of entry into that market was steep: Amazon, using the reseller model for e-books, was routinely selling e-books at a substantial loss to build the market and to ward off competitors such as Barnes & Noble, which had just begun selling the Nook. As we described in last month's alert (How Apple Saved Barnes & Noble. Probably.):  
Apple wouldn't sell e-books under the reseller model that Amazon had been using to lock down the market. (Under that model, the publisher sells e-books to a reseller at a discount of about 50%. The reseller can then sell the e-book at any price, constrained only by antitrust law and the reseller's ability to absorb losses.) Instead, Apple would sell e-books under the same "agency model" it used for iPhone apps. Under the agency model, Apple acts as the publisher's agent, selling e-books at the price established by the publisher and taking a 30% commission on each sale. To participate, a publisher would have to agree to a set of ceilings on e-book prices, generally $12.99 or $13.99 for new books. A publisher would also have to agree not to sell to others under more favorable terms.  
If the agency model took hold, unfettered discounting of e-books would be out. Amazon would lose its ability to buy market share in a nascent, booming industry.  
Macmillan leapt at the agency model, and Amazon fought back. In a dramatic, week-long showdown, Amazon removed the buy buttons from print and digital editions of virtually all of Macmillan's books. Macmillan stood firm, and five of the big six trade publishers (all except Random House) quickly adopted the agency model. The Guild immediately backed the agency model as essential for creating a healthy, diverse e-book retailing environment, even though it would mean lower royalties for many authors in the near term.  
Barnes & Noble benefitted more than anyone from publishers' adoption of the agency model. It still had to subsidize sales of many Random House titles to stay in the game with Amazon, but it didn't have to lose money on the sales of other titles. Barnes & Noble's share of the e-book market grew at a pace that surprised everyone in the industry and is now approaching 20%.  
The biggest beneficiaries of Random House's shift to the agency model may be independent booksellers, many of which are now selling e-books through an arrangement with Google. While Barnes & Noble could absorb some losses in selling Random House e-books, this was out of the question for most independent booksellers. Many readers will soon be able to support their local booksellers when they buy e-books, without paying a stiff price for their loyalty.
"Getting local booksellers into the e-book game is essential," said Mr. Turow. "Equally essential, if e-books are going to help sustain a vibrant literary culture, is restoring the traditional division of proceeds between authors and publishers. Random House and other major publishers have a lot of work to do on that score."
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